Pomegranate Benefits & Nutrition Values

Pomegranate Benefits & Nutrition Values

After apple, pomegranate is the most mentioned and discussed fruit in divine books . Pomegranate's origins roots back to Mediterranean Basin. Pomegranate has been used in Persian, Indian and Pakistani cuisine from the ancient times. Some traditional Persian foods require pomegranate paste or syrup, Fesenjan or Fesenjoon, to name the most famous one. Pomegranate has been the symbol of love and fertility in ancient Persian culture, so it does in other regional countries. There's no evidence suggesting that pomegranate has any direct effects on fertilely, but it sure has various benefits and nutrition values. Pomegranate, A Breast Cancer Fighter - Pomegranate is full of antioxidants and anti cancer agents. Recently pomegranate made its way back in the news after City of Hope research showed that there are several chemicals and anti cancer agents in pomegranate that can fight and prevent breast cancer and it's now considered a caner-fighter super fruit. Studies in Israel also show that pomegranate juice destroys breast cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone. It's also backed by scientists and believed to have similar but not as potent effects on colon cancer. Pomegranate And Heart Disease: Pomegranate is a great source of vitamin C and K. Studies showed that pomegranate has a compounds that can benefit the heart and blood vessels. It can lower the cholesterol and reduce the plaques in vessels and artery. Pomegranate helps plagues from building up in blood vessels and it improves blood flow to the heart. Pomegranate And Beauty: Pomegranate had given a new meaning to greedy when it comes to antioxidants. It can reduce and prevent any skin deformation that's caused by oxidants, it is used to prevent and treat acnes, It prevents skin aging and also helps skin healing process faster.

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Beef Steak

Beef Steak

Beef 2 Pieces (2 lbs / 907 g) Beefsteak 4 Garlic Cloves 2 Tbsp Dijon Mustard 2 Tbsp Olive Oil 2 Tbsp Balsamic Vinegar 3 Tbsp Soy Sauce 1/4 Tsp Salt 1 Tsp Honey 2 oz (57 g) Tamarind (or 2 Tbsp Tamarind Paste) Paprika, Ground Chili Pepper PREPARATIONS: 1- Dissolve 2 ounces of tamarind in 1/4 cup of boiling water, stir until thoroughly dissolved. 2- Pass the mixture through a strainer. DIRECTIONS: 1- Mash garlic cloves into a small bowl. 2- Add dijon mustard, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, paprika as preferred, salt, ground chili pepper, honey, and mix thoroughly. 3- Add the tamarind paste and stir to combine until well blended. 4- Pour the mixture into a plastic bag with zip lock. 5- Place the beefsteaks into the plastic bag and zip/seal tight. 6- Rub and spread the mixture across the beef surface evenly. 7- Marinate the beef overnight or at least for 8 hours, keep in a refrigerator. 8- Spray a grill pan with cooking spray. 9- Grill the steaks, flip the steak over so both sides get cooked thoroughly. 10- For medium rare, bring the interior temperature to 135 to 145 F (57 to 63 C), or for well done 160 to 212 F (71 to 100 C).

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 kabab koobideh recipe
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"Luleh Kabob"

  • 3 lbs (1360 g) Ground Beef (85% Lean)
  • 2 Small Onions
  • 1 Tbsp (Approximately) Salt or as preferred
  • 1 Tsp (Approximately) Black Pepper Powder or as preferred
  • 1 Tsp Turmeric
  • 1 Tsp (Approximately) Ground Sumac.
  • 1/4 Tsp Saffron

1- Soak the saffron for 10 minutes.
2- Grate the onions and drain the excessive juice.


1- Combine grated onions with ground beef in a large bowl.
2- Add salt, black pepper powder, turmeric and ground sumac to the bowl (Knead the mixture thoroughly after adding each ingredient).
3- Add 2 to 3 tsp of the soaked saffron to the bowl.
4- Knead for 7 minutes.
5- Cover the bowl with a lid or plastic wrap.
6- Keep the beef mixture in refrigerator to marinate for 8 to 12 hours.
Note: For the best result use koobideh skewers to grill the kabobs (koobideh skewers are long and flat and wider than normal skewers).
7- Place a fistful of beef mixture on a skewer and flatten as show in the video.
8- Grill the kabobs on the grill.
9- turn the kabobs often to avoid burning.
10- Grill few tomatoes and peppers to serve on the side.
11- Kabobs can be served with rice.

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Serve Basmati Rice with Kabab Koobideh
 Basmati Rice